Security Master

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Cheetah Mobile


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UI/UX designer 


Year / 

2016/10 - 2017/10

Security Master is an antivirus and privacy protection app for Android smartphones. It includes multiple features that enhance the security status of the phones. It establishes a secured cyber environment, ensures data transmission privacy and offers mobile performance optimization as well as real-time diagnosis options. Lightweight animation technology has been applied to the framework to heighten the interaction experience, which is complemented by simplified working processes, playful graphics and flexible functions.

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Security Master is a popular antivirus and privacy protection Android app. It includes multiple features that help users to quickly enhance the status of their phones, such as antivirus, privacy browsing, app lock, phone boost, battery saver and mobile performance optimization. 

Nowadays, there are many threats and viruses from the internet, such as trojan, ransomware, malware, spyware, hackers, and recent wannacry.  Security master has created many features that helped keep these viruses away.  As the no. 1 antivirus scanner and cleaner, this app prevents these threats from your phone, keeping your privacy safely guarded and protected. 


Detect your phone status and provides suitable solution, including Anti-virus, Junk Clean, Phone Boost, CPU Cooler.

Intelligence Diagnosis

Ultimate protection for mobile internet connection from leak of banking information, private messages, and browsing history.

Protect personal information leak from online activities


TIPI is a smart avatar, who assists users with questions and confusions while using Security Master. TIPI helps users understand the operation of Security Master and provides them with the information they need.





Security Master team rethinks the definition of mobile protection this time around, offering a simpler working process, flexible functions, and intelligent protection solution. In order to create better interaction experience with the users, the new system has applied lightweight animation technology framework. The new design has certainly found the perfect balance between business and user experience, which reduces disruption and differentiates itself from other brands in the utility app market segment.

Keep phone safe and optimized


Customized lock to protect whatever you care and further identify intruders for you.

Protect phone privacy from snoopers

“Love the app, great interface and cool features.” 

- Baylee Parsons

“Muito bom mesmo, parabéns aos desenvolvedores pela nova atualização, ficou ótima essa interface e os novos recursos.” 

- Jean Gomes

“The Cheetah Mobile antivirus application 3 years ago was absolutely fantastic. The new Master version is far beyond the expectations that I had coming in as a beta tester. All of its many parts move fluidly and accurately, without slowing my smartphones processing. I could not ask for a better antivirus system on my smartphone.”

- Daniel J Callaghan IV

The highest rated Security App

Protect over 500 million phones globally. 100% virus & malware detection certified by world leading research lab, AV-TEST

“The app is even better than before since the new version. Smooth operation, sleek package! I've tried many others with dismal results. If I could have one wish, it is a photo edit app from your Co. If your security apps are an indication of your talents it would be great. If you have an editing app. Please let me know. Thanks so much! ”- H Coody


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