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Cheetah Mobile


Role / 

Design Lead 


Year / 

2016/04 - 2016/06 is an app that broadcasts live broadcasting video chat. It provides several features like video streaming, video chatting, and video blogging. It also serves as a business enterprise wherein users can generate income through project production. In addition, it operates as a social networking tool whereas you can form communities with people of the same interests. On top of its exceptional features, this app is very user-friendly and fast that it gained popularity as proven by the 25,000,000 downloads from 85 countries.

Keyword Workshop

Brand Personality

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Brand Art Direction

Imageboard & Color Inspiration

First Draft

Target Audience

Who are we communicating with? Who will be the host? Who will watch?

AGE 13-16 Generation‚Äč Z / 6 hours a day on the phone/ 11 hours in front of the screens

We use teen idols as ambassadors and personal characteristics of these idols as a brand design direction.

Final Draft

We want to make everyone

like a superstar

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